Tommy Vaccaro's M.U.G.E.N is a project for a fan made fighting game created by the game's namesake. Unlike most versions of M.U.G.E.N, this one will be built from the ground up.


Main article: Tommy Vaccaro's M.U.G.E.N/Roster

The game's roster will be massive, comprising of over hundreds of characters from various media.


Main article: Tommy Vaccaro's M.U.G.E.N/Stages


Main article: Tommy Vaccaro's M.U.G.E.N/Music

Various licensed songs will be included.


The gameplay will be a mix of Super Smash Bros., Capcom vs., and Killer Instinct. Each character will have their own moveset and be able to pull of combos. Players can play on a computer keyboard and connect game controllers.


Single PlayerEdit

A 1-Player game mode.

Arcade ModeEdit

Battle one enemy after another and defeat the boss.

Story Mode: Multiverse MadnessEdit

Gather all characters and save the world from a villainous force.

Training ModeEdit

Practice your fighting skills. Perfect for beginners and for those who want to improve.

Mission ModeEdit

Play in special matches.

Boss BattlesEdit

Battle sets of 10 bosses from different worlds. Beat each set within your best time.

Survival ModeEdit

Fight all of the characters in the game at once.


Defeat all of the characters as fast as you can.


Fight all of the characters without stopping. It's over when you're defeated.


1 - 4 Players in a free battle mode. There will be local and online multiplayer.

Versus ModeEdit

Choose your characters and fight. Fights will include 1 - 4 player free for all, team battles, and tag team.

Boss VersusEdit

Play as the bosses.


View the contents of the game's characters, stages, and music.


Change the settings.


Adjust the volume of the music, sound effects, and voices.


Choose a theme for the menu.


Select a language. Languages include: English, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Chinese, Korean, Portugese, Dutch, Latin, and Greek.


Change the language of the voices.


Change the language of the text.


View your records of the game.


View the game credits.

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