Regigigas is the Colossal Pokemon,and is the creater of the Legendary Regi Pokemon,Regirock,Regice,and Registeel.Regigigas is a Normal-Type Pokemon,and there's an enduring legend that states this Pokemon towed continents with ropes.It's said to have made Pokemon that look like itself from a special ice,mountain,rocks,and magma.It's special move is Crush Grip.In Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum,if you have Regirock,Regice,and Registeel are in your party in the bottom of the Snowpoint Temple,Regigigas will arise for battle.In Pokemon Platinum Version,if you have the Level 100 Event Regigigas in your party,you can obtain the other 3 Regis.Regirock will be inside a cave in Route 228,Regice will be inside a cave in the northern part of Mt. Coronet,and Registeel will be inside a cave in the end of Iron Island.Regigigas has a high Attack stat.

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