Power Surge Crystal Type Color Power Surge Crystal Effect
Crystal Surge Purple Encased in crystal,minor protection,increasing ability to channel crystal energy.
Darkness Surge Black Surrounded by a dark cloud,and absorbs all weapon attacks.
Fire Surge Red Covered in fire,increases physical attack damage.
Electrical Surge Yellow Electrically charged,regains energy faster,beam damage increases.
Sheild Surge Chrome Metallic outer skin,reducing physical damage types,slow movement.
Speed Surge White Run faster,attack faster,jump higher.
Radiation Surge Green Health and energy regenerate faster.

Power Surge Crystals grow all over Sydney,San Francisco,Osaka,Seattle,Monster Island,London,New York,Tokyo,and the Mothership.It mostly effects the Mutant Faction.These crystal types awaken Titanosaurus,Baragon,Krystalak,and Biollante.

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