The Mechagodzilla from 1993 (Mechagodzilla 2) is a newly upgraded Mechagodzilla design.This version contains alot of weapons such as Shoulder Missiles,Eye Beams,Mega Buster,Plasma Beam and NT3A Armor.In the Wii version of Godzilla Unleashed,Mechagodzilla ('74) and Mechagodzilla 2 perform the same attacks,except Mechagodzilla ('74) can use a flamethrower,a forcefield,and is able to spin it's arms and legs around for spinning attacks.Mechagodzilla 2 can use the jetpack on it's back to hover,and can use it's Plasma Beam.In Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee,Mechagodzilla 2 and Kiryu (Mechagodzilla 3) perform the same attacks,except Mechagodzilla 2 can use Eye Beams,Plasma Beam,and it's Rage Power is Full Weapon Strike.Mechagodzilla 3 can use Maser Discharge,physical attacks,and it's Rage Power is the Absolute Zero Cannon.

Height:120 Meters

Weight:150,000 Tons.

Faction:Global Defense Force.

Video Game Title Release Video Game System
Super Godzilla (Japanese Version) 1993 Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Godzilla: Kaijuu Daikessen 1994 Super Famicon
Godzilla: Giant Monster March 1995 Sega Game Gear
Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee (U.S. Version) 2002 Nintendo Gamecube/Xbox
Godzilla: Domination! (U.S. Version) 2002 Game Boy Advance
Godzilla: Save The Earth 2004 Xbox/PlayStation 2
Godzilla: Unleashed 2007 Nintendo Wii/PlayStation 2

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